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You have reached the home page of Charles A. Shultz, Jr. (Chuck).  No relation to Charles M. Schulz, the cartoonist, but I WORK FOR PEANUTS!  That was pretty lame but what do you expect from a dinosaur code slinger that has been developing software since the days of keypunch machines, Dilbert?

My home is located on the Texas Gulf Coast between Houston and Galveston.  I am employed by a NASA contractor at the Johnson Space Center to develop software for the Space Shuttle Program and the International Space Station.  I love my job, so keep those tax dollars coming.

This site is dedicated to absolutely nothing.  I'm not selling anything and there are no pleas on behalf of righteous causes.  So why bother?  Well, I got tired of looking at the home page of my Internet Service Provider and decided to build my own personal launch pad to Cyberspace.

Thanks for visiting Chuck's Roots.  Y'all come back soon.

Questions or Comments?  Feel free to contact web site author, Chuck Shultz.