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Areas of Experience

  • Internet Application Development
  • Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Object-Oriented Analysis, Design & Development
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Software Engineering Methods & Standards
  • Software Integration and Installation
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Configuration Management

Computer Skills

Hardware: PCs (various models), Sun, MASSCOMP 6600, Interdata 8/32, Apollo,
PR1ME 750, VAX 11/780, CDC Cyber 176, Unisys 1100/80

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, OS/32, PRIMOS, VAX/VMS, AEGIS, NOS,
NOS/BE, 1100/OS (Unisys)

Languages: C#, ECMAScript, VBScript, SQL, XML, HTML, CSS, CFML, C, Ada, FORTRAN

Frameworks: ASP.Net, Classic ASP, PowerBuilder, Motif, X

Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Microsoft Access

Miscellaneous Tools: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office

Application Domains: Internet Applications, Mission Control Center Operations, Space Shuttle Telemetry, Space Shuttle Reconfiguration Software; Network Management, Real-Time Data Acquisition, Facility Management

Work History

2009-present, Principle Systems Analyst, Barrios Technology
Senior member of software development team assigned to NASA's Mission Operations Directorate at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Currently responsible for maintaining and enhancing web applications hosted in the Mission Automation System.

1996-2009, Project Lead, United Space Alliance
Senior member of software development team assigned to NASA's Mission Operations Directorate at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Developed suite of Internet based colaboration tools used by the flight control teams at Houston's Mission Control Center, other NASA sites and International Partners. These tools have become an integral part of the work flow in the Mission Control Center. Also represented United Space Alliance as subject matter expert on the winning Lockheed Martin proposal team for the Facilities Development Operations Contract.

1986-1996, Software Engineering Supervisor, Unisys Corporation
Assigned to NASA's Mission Operations Directorate to assist conversion of Time Management Accounting System from FoxPro to client server architecture using Sybase database on NT server and PowerBuilder on Windows 95 workstation. Additional responsibilities included support for Unisys New Business Office as Proposal Manager.

From April 1994 to June 1996, section supervisor with staff of 23 software engineers assigned to reengineer Space Shuttle Reconfiguration Software. Supervisor duties included staffing, salary planning and performance appraisals. Project management duties included technical direction to software engineering team, reviewing work for compliance with software engineering standards, ensuring technical issues are resolved, ensuring work is appropriately budgeted and scheduled, and reporting project status to the customer.

From May 1992 to April 1994, section supervisor with staff of 12 software engineers responsible for maintaining, upgrading and enhancing the Mission Control Center Workstation System. Provided on-call, 24 hour software support for all space shuttle missions. Duties included identification and correction of software problems, providing flight control team with operational work arounds for known software problems, and coordinating, with NASA, the contents of future software releases. Software systems included workstation executive, real-time data acquisition, network management, and status and control.

From October 1991 to May 1992, was assigned to Unisys/Loral/IBM software development team where was promoted from Senior Software Engineering Specialist to Software Engineering Supervisor. Responsible for coordinating the delivery of the Mission Control Center Workstation System (approximately one million source lines of 'C' code) from the development contractor to the operations contractor.

While on special assignment to NASA in 1991, developed software used in the Mission Control Center by the Payloads Flight Control Team to monitor deployment of the Tethered Satellite System from the Space Shuttle.

From 1989 through 1991, was technical lead for Ada pilot project. This project involved reengineering checkout software that resided on the Telemetry Preprocessing Computer (Interdata 8/32) and rehosting to UNIX workstation (MASSCOMP 6600) using Object-Oriented Design method and Ada programming language.

Joined the Unisys/Rockwell/AlliedSignal Space Operations Contract team in 1986. Was member of team responsible for coordinating the transition of responsibility for maintaining Telemetry Preprocessing Computer Checkout Software following NASA consolidation of space shuttle operations contracts. After transition, assumed software sustaining engineering responsibilities as Task Lead.

1985-1986, Software Engineer, Ford Aerospace and Communications Corp.
Responsible for functional definition and implementation of software prototype for software validation system to be implemented as part of Mission Control Center upgrade.

1980-1985, Sr. Programmer / Analyst, AAA Technology and Specialties Co., Inc.
Responsible for software development, maintenance, on-site installation and customer support for suite of engineering applications offered on multiple computer platforms. Client base was primarily petrochemical related engineering firms. Received diversified experience in all phases of application development with special emphasis on portability.

1975-1980, Customer Support Representative, University Computing Company
Progressed from Computer Operator to Customer Support Representative with responsibility for technical support to the sales staff. Duties included software product demonstrations, customer training and customer support. Also contracted to customers for software development.


Computer Science, University of Houston


  • ITIL - Foundation Certification, Hilton Computer Strategies, 9/2007.
  • Building Collaborative Applications with SharePoint, Hilton Computer Strategies, 8/2006.
  • Updating Your Database Devopment Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Hilton Computer Strategies, 6/2006.
  • Intensive XML Web Services Training, Hilton Computer Strategies, 9/2005.
  • Advanced Web Application Development using Microsoft ASP .NET, Hilton Computer Strategies, 9/2005.
  • Intensive Web Application Development Training with Microsoft ASP .NET and Microsoft C# .NET, Hilton Computer Strategies, 1/2004.
  • Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database, Hilton Computer Strategies, 11/2003.
  • Advanced Active Server Pages, Hilton Computer Strategies, 12/2001.
  • Web Development with Active Server Pages, Hilton Computer Strategies, 10/2001.
  • Java 2: An Introduction, San Jacinto College, 4/2001.
  • Advanced ColdFusion Development, San Jacinto College, 2/2001.
  • Fast Track to ColdFusion, Allaire Corporation, 11/98.
  • Building PowerBuilder Distributed Applications, Sybase, 8/98.
  • PowerBuilder and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Sybase, 8/98.
  • Building COM/DCOM Components with PowerBuilder, Sybase, 8/98.
  • Developing and Deploying Distributed PowerBuilder NVOs in Jaguar CTS, Sybase, 8/98.
  • Rearchitecting a "Legacy" PowerBuilder Application to Use the PFC, Sybase, 8/98.
  • Building Applications Using the PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library, Sybase, 10/97.
  • Building PowerBuilder Internet Applications, Sybase, 9/97.
  • Building Dynamic Web Sites with "Dynamo", Sybase, 9/97.
  • When to Use Web.PB, PowerJ, PowerBuilder & Jaguar CTS, Sybase, 9/97.
  • Tuning PowerBuilder Applications, Sybase, 9/97.
  • Using ObjectCycle, Sybase, 9/97.
  • Introduction to Jaguar CTS, Sybase, 9/97.
  • Fast Track to PowerBuilder 5.0, Powersoft, 8/96.
  • Management Problems of the Technical Person in a Leadership Role, Pryor Resources, Inc., 5/96
  • Project Management & Control Systems, Rockwell Space Operations Co., 10/95
  • Microsoft Project 4.0: Advanced, ExecuTrain, 9/95
  • Microsoft Project 4.0: Intermediate, ExecuTrain, 8/95
  • Microsoft Project 4.0: Beginning, ExecuTrain, 6/95
  • Requirements Analysis for Managers and Team Leaders, Zycad, 5/94
  • The Management Institute, Unisys, 9/93
  • SEI Capabilities Maturity Model, Unisys, 1992
  • SEI Software Lifecycle, Unisys, 1992
  • SEI Project Management, Unisys, 1992.
  • SEI Risk Management, Unisys, 1992
  • SEI Requirements Management, Unisys, 1992
  • Unisys Total Quality Process, Unisys, 2/88 & 2/92
  • Programming with the X Toolkit and Widgets, GHG Corporation, 9/90
  • CLIPS, Artificial Intelligence Technology Transfer Program, CSC, 8/90
  • Basic Supervisory Training, Rockwell Space Operations Co., 4/87

Security Clearance (U. S. Department of Defense)

Level: Secret
Sponsor: Unisys Corporation
Issued: 1986
Status: Inactive.


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