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I am a Wolgast decendant from Cadillac,MI.
I have searched Plath church records & the names are identical to your early Wolgast list.
I have searched the Plate records also.NO luck so far to connect them to mine.=Christian Wolgast, born 1827.
son Johann Christian Wolgast.Emmigrated in 1871 or 1872.
If you come across a connection to mine, I would be pleased to hear from you.
Best wishes
Phil Kuehn

Phil Kuehn   [ pkuehn@mich.com ]
Casco, MI USA - 20:04 Tue Oct 18, 2006
i liked your site
Jim Dobson   [ bij-dobson8823@spatzer.com ]
Boston, MA United States - 06:04 Mon Oct 17, 2006
I have info on the lineage of Emil Krejny to prest day.  He married Marie Holotik.
Let me know if you want to know more.

Kevin Krejny   [ kevin_krejny@yahoo.com ]
Kettering, OH USA - 20:43 Thu May 19, 2006
Hello, Chuck. We corresponded briefly several years ago about William J. and Christine (Holotik) Nachlinger; my maiden name was Nachlinger. If you are interested, I have a lot more Nachlinger genealogy that I would be glad to send you. By the way, Marjorie Nachlinger, Bill and Christie Nachlinger's eldest daughter died in May 2005.  Your website is fantastic.
Judith McCune   [ gomacjdm@aol.com ]
Wetumpka, AL USA - 17:27 Fri Feb 25, 2006
I liked your site. Very beautiful design.
Pol   [ pauklord@gmail.com ]
Arvada, CO USA - 08:56 Sat Jan 22, 2006
Hi, Nice website.
jack   [ jack@jack.com ]
USA - 10:55 Mon Jan 03, 2006
What a great site. So easy to navigate. You have worked hard and it looks great. It was exciting to see my relatives on the site, especially the ones I didn't know of. Please, keep up the good work.
Garry Lewis   [ garryl@us.ibm.com ]
Tucson, AZ USA - 07:23 Mon Sep 20, 2005
I am the great grandson of Valeska Jones who used to be Valeska Bettge (daughter of Bruno Bettge). I have started some family tree. Your website is great...very informative. If you'd like to email me ..that would be great.
Craig Sorrells   [ davesshoney@aol.com ]
Newport News, VA USA - 19:21 Tue Aug 10, 2005
Thank you for all of your hard work. It was nice to see pictures I haven't seen for years. My grandmother was Anna Shultz and Father was Ed Shultz of Hammond, IN.
Ed Shultz   [ edshultz2051@msn.com ]
Highland, IN USA - 19:33 Thu Apr 01, 2005
I am Peter Netardus'grandaughter. I have the dates on the Netardus family births and deaths. If you want them, for your records, let me know. I knew Fred Netardus and his wif, Annie. She was one of Grandpa's favorite sisters-in-law and we visited her often. I printed their picture from your website. I hadn't seen it before. Thanks. Kathleen
Kathleen M. Kechnie(Netardus)   [ kechnie@academicplanet.com ]
Weatherford, Tx. USA - 15:12 Wed Jul 22, 2004
Nice site, I have bookmarked your site yet and I will come back again !
You have a gratest site!

TOM   [ awwda@ada.com ]
New York, USA USA - 13:43 Wed Jun 17, 2004
I haven't visited your site in quite some time, but wanted to write and update my whereabouts and email address. Thanks for keeping this up so long, Chuck!
Susan Sciba Fox   [ susansfox@yahoo.com ]
Macon, GA USA - 21:31 Tue Apr 14, 2004
I tried to email you, but your email address bounced. regards, pat
my message: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~kumpakiskeschultz/
Hello, I read your site on Cindi's list, and my g grandparents are from Poland, Russia and Lithiana. My question is, I am not sure on the Kumpakiske surname, it is only a good guess. Would you please look over my page and see if kumpakiske [plus 1 more spelling] may ring a bell on any spelling for other counties.
thank so much.

pat creel   [ kendrick33154@aol.com ]
pascagoula, ms USA - 15:13 Mon Apr 13, 2004
HI: My father was John G. Wisthoff, my grandfather was Phillip O. Wisthoff. Who were my great grandparents? Can you Help? Thank You:
Terance Wisthoff  [ Mrterrywest@aol.com ]
Michigan City, IN USA - Sunday, February 01, 2004 at 23:02:13 (CST)
My grandmother was Agnes Rose Mierzwik Pollard and my mom is Marilyn V. Pollard Don-Jordon.
Maureen Don-Jordon Perez
Goldsboro NC, 27534 USA - Sunday, January 11, 2004 at 15:13:33 (CST)
just checking out your site i dont think there is a connection because i think most of the people i am looking for are from ohio.  nice site
paul ortman  [ paul_ortman@yahoo.com ]
seymour, ind USA - Friday, January 02, 2004 at 18:44:04 (CST)
Happy New Year!
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