1996 Guestbook Entries

Impressed with your home page. Gives us something to shoot for. Thank you for telling us about it.
Bill Irwin & Mal Bernstein <fotojrnl@sprynet.com>
Sunday, December 22, 1996
I live in Carrollton Texas. My Father was born and raised in Chilicothe Texas. His Father came from Tenn. Enjoyed your homepage.
Gerald Shultz <jshultz@airmail.net>
Saturday, December 7, 1996
I have done some research on the SHULTZ family over the last couple of years. I have copies of the research if you would like one sent to you. My father was raised all over Texas, mainly Paris, TX. His father's name is Charles R. Shultz. Maybe there's a connection Chuck? I'm new at this computer stuff, so I'm sending this a second time because I used the wrong e-mail address.
Wednesday, November 27, 1996
I hope you find out more about the Shultz name and background! You live close by. Just read your home page. I live in Katy - just 30 minutes west of Houston!!!
Wendy Shultz
Monday, November 18, 1996
I am from Charlottesville, IN and now live in Denver, CO. My ancestors moved from PA in the middle of the 19th century to IN.
Scott Shultz <Scott.Shultz@UCHSC.edu>
Tuesday, November 5, 1996
Just typed Schultz in and metacrawler found this page for me. Are there some more Schultz's out there?
Andreas Schultz <106110,1216@compuserve.com>
Sunday, November 3, 1996
Just playing around when I stumbled upon your web pages! I too have family named Kuhn that is from the Weimer/Columbus/Glidden, TX area! Hope we can help each other out!
Brenda Kuhn Schrock <ReCue@prodigy.com>
Thursday, October 10, 1996
Always looking for reference to Schulz and its many spellings. First occurance that I have is Jarchow, Pommern, Germany. Also looking Schutz from Poblath, Pommern, Germany. Nice Page.
Wayne Schulz <wjschulz@ipass.net>
Tuesday, October 1, 1996
Just checking. Saw "Shultz" and am always lookin for more info on family. Can trace family from Darmstadt, Germany in early 18th century to present. Thought we may cross somewhere when I saw family in Indiana and Pa. You've got awesome page here! Keep on.
Lynn A. DeWitt (Shultz) <lonesom1@concentric.net>
Sunday, September 29, 1996
Please go visit Bleach Genealogy. I have over 1400 names so far and looking for more!
Don Bleach <donald@awwwsome.com>
Monday, August 12, 1996
Just checking out your page. I am also a resident of beautiful Friendswood. I am currently learning about setting up my own page. If you don't mind I may E-Mail you from time to time for questions.
Mike White <TwoOlDogs@aol.com>
Saturday, August 10, 1996
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